Why Nobody Wants to Buy a Home in Florida

Florida, being one of the friendliest states in the United States is still one of the least preferred places to buy a home. I don’t want to generalize here. North of Florida is quite hilly and has a country feel to it. And south of Florida is where you find sandy beaches and tourists all over the place. When it comes to moving to and buying a home, most people are repulsed by southern Florida. 

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Here are a few reasons why nobody wants to buy a home in Florida

1) Owning a house is too expensive in Florida

Unless you are prepared to buy a house twice as expensive as than in the north or the midwest, you wouldn’t want to waste your time looking for one in Florida. Since the last couple of years, real estate prices in Florida have gone through the roof. 

Even insurance is more expensive in Florida. Additionally, you are mandated by law to purchase all sorts of additional coverage like earthquake protection, hurricane protection, flood insurance, etc.

2) It gets too hot in the summers

Unless you hate the snow, you are better off living in the north. Florida is the southernmost part of the US and being close to the equator, the sun shines here throughout the year. During summers(April to October), most people try to stay indoors to avoid the sun. It only remains pleasant from November to March. Hence, most people from the north or the west never even think about buying a home in Florida. 

3) Too many Alligators in the city

According to a trusted wildlife website, out of 5 million Alligators in the southeastern part of the United States, about 1.25 million alligators are living freely in the state of Florida. This is a huge number. Indeed, these creatures do not usually attack humans but there have been plenty of cases reported in the past 5 years. Pets, senior citizens, joggers, children have been their latest victims. Why would anyone want to buy their dream home in such a state?

4) The traffic situation has gotten worse in recent years

Floridians may be friendly in nature but they are not known for their driving abilities. They are one of the most dangerous drivers in the nation. To make matters worse, traffic gets worse during winters. This is the time when Florida sees a steep rise in tourism. Most people from the north come here to enjoy the sun during the winter holidays. But the situation is not so pleasant for the residents of Florida who commute to work every day.

5) Florida lies in the hurricane-prone region

If paying for additional hurricane coverage riles you up, wait till one hits your region. North Atlantic hurricanes are one of the most destructive natural calamities known to mankind. In the year 2019, six hurricanes have hit the United States(with category 3 or higher grade). So, another reason not to buy real estate in Florida.


I understand that every state has got its problems. Road accidents, floods, wild animal attacks, and high-priced homes are common in almost all states in the United States. But, extreme weather conditions seems to deter people from buying their dream home in Florida.

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