Why I Love the App, AroundMe (And You Should, Too!)

Are you a first time home buyer wanting to learn quickly about the nearby Points Of Interest (POI)?

For a new homebuyer, it can take days or even weeks to get to know that new city or a town they are about to move into. Also, not knowing the city well make it difficult to make the home buying decision. What if you moved in and later found out that the nearest Bank, ATM, Restaurant, Supermarket, or Hospital is 10 miles away from where you live? You don’t want to end up in such a dire situation. This is where the app AroundMe comes into the picture. In this post, I have shared the features, things I love and loathe about AroundMe.


About the creator of AroundMe

AroundMe is a UK-based company founded in the year 2008. So, it has been around since way before when mobile apps went mainstream. This makes it one of the tried and trusted applications for first time home buyers. Moreover, it was founded by Marco Pifferi. AroundMe works along with other data companies like Booking.com, Opentable.com, and FourSquare. This is where it gets the latest information on nearby Points Of Interest (POI).

Features of AroundMe

1) Helps you find whatever you are looking for in the quickest way possible

Whether you are looking to a restaurant nearby or a garage to fix a flat tire, AroundMe helps you find anything you want without asking you to perform menial tasks. Unlike other similar apps, AroundMe does not ask you to fill up survey forms or rate/review the places you visit. It simply provides you all the information you need to reach the destination quickly.

2) Available in more than 200 countries

AroundMe is not just for the residents of the United Kingdom. It is available in more than 200 countries and performs about 25 million successful searches per month.

3) Select anything you want from the categories

Another key feature of AroundMe is it provides you a list of categories like Banks/ATMs, Hospitals, Restaurants, Gas stations, Deal, and many more to select from. I know this is quite a basic feature but sometimes you can feel overwhelmed by the amount of information there is on the internet. This streamlines everything for you.

What I like about AroundMe

I like that AroundMe just does what it is supposed to do. It finds the nearest banks, restaurant, or a hospital with a single tap. There are hardly any instances when AroundMe fails to deliver. As long as the thing you are searching for is present nearby, it will show it up in the search result.

What I don’t like about AroundMe

Having said that, it can sometimes be difficult to find a particular spot. Like if you are looking for Mc Donald’s restaurant in your area, you will have to go to the restaurant category and then find McDonald’s in the search results. This app only works for people who don’t have any specific plans and are looking for recommendations.

My recommendation

I recommend AroundMe to first time home buyers or tenants who wish to find nearby Points Of Interest (POI) quickly.


AroundMe if totally free of cost to download for both Android and iOS. To download AroundMe for Android click here and for iOS devices click here.

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