What you need to know about Pocket Neighborhoods

A Pocket Neighborhood is an attempt to bring back the old-fashioned American community. In such a neighborhood, about 8-10 independent houses are grouped together in a small community. The houses are arranged in rows with common areas like garden, swimming pool and a place to barbeque is made available. A common council manages the finances needed for the maintenance of the neighborhood.

Pocket Neighborhood is not another way to sell an affordable house to the middle class, it’s a movement that is steadily rising. These houses can be constructed even in the middle of a bustling city. There are two major advantages of living in Pocket Neighborhood situated in an urban area. One, you get all the amenities that a luxurious house has. Next, you get all that at the same rate as that of a conventional home; or even cheaper in some cases.

Things a first-time home buyer needs to know about a Pocket Neighborhood.

1. They are designed by keeping your wellness in mind

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Most apartments or independent houses are built by keeping the commercial side of it into thought. Real estate investors and developers are not really concerned about your long-term wellness. A Pocket Neighborhood is not designed by such an organization. It allows human communities to grow in an organic way. When you share space with other people, you naturally develop empathy and connection with them.

2. You get your own space

Ross Chapin is one the pioneers of Pocket Neighborhoods. He came up with the concept in the year 1995 and later built the first Pocket Neighborhood in the city of Langley on Whidbey Island in Puget Sound. All their homes have a common area which is 50 feet wide. Moreover, there are five-layers between the shared area and the front door. Which also includes a porch. Most of these homes also have plenty of landscaping around them. This keeps you close to nature if your neighborhood is in a city.

3. You are contributing to nature

Pocket Neighborhoods in areas like Seattle are surrounded by the woodlands. Even the common areas and gardens are covered by lush green trees. Without these neighborhoods, there is a chance that these trees would get cut down. Secondly, you don’t have to go anywhere else to enjoy a great view. Pocket Neighborhoods are usually surrounded by magical woodlands. All you have to do is pull up a chair outside the common area and relish the panorama.


Just because you live along with other people does not mean you have to compromise on your privacy. Pocket Neighborhoods are outlined by keeping your privacy in mind and hence you will see porches, fences and barb wires all around the place. Moreover, the houses are not constructed in front of each other, so, you never have to worry about your neighbor staring into your home.

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