What to Look for when Choosing a Student House

Moving into a new house is not easy. Particularly if you have to move to a new city. You are leaving all your friends and acquaintances behind and entering into a whole new world.

Certainly, finding the right accommodation is going to be a tough challenge. But by following a checklist of things to look for when choosing a student house, your life will get a lot easier and the process will become hassle-free.

Checklists are very important before buying or renting any form of real estate. Here are the 4 things to look for when choosing a student house.

1. The capacity of the house

The accommodation capacity of your new student house factors in. If you are a person who likes to keep things to yourself and prefers a quieter environment than go for a small house where you can love with your 1-2 housemates. No matter what area you choose, renting a larger house is always going to be more expensive than a smaller apartment.

2. Pick the right housemates

Picking the right housemates to live with is as important as choosing a good house. As the popular motivational speaker and author famously said: “You’re the average of the five people spend the most time with.” Do not choose your housemate’s willy nilly.

Try to find people who you have spent some time within your university and convince them to join in. It is very easy to tell a good studious housemate from someone irresponsible and a trouble maker.

3. Finding the perfect student house

The best way to find the right apartment in a new city is by interviewing your seniors and asking them for recommendations. This way, you are almost guaranteed to get a good home at a discounted price.

But if interviewing your seniors seems too much for you, you can choose another easy option of finding student homes online.

Websites like housinganywhere.com are popular among students who travel abroad for studies. They have amazing customer support and also a 48-hour safety cancellation policy. There is no reason to get stressed out about apartment hunting.

4. Amenities in the house

Does your new student house have all the basic amenities that a regular unfurnished house is supposed to have?

Do not make advance payments–to your real estate agent– if the house does not have things like fans, lights, water heater, a proper kitchen, more than one bathrooms, etc.

Since you are going to be staying with 2-3 other housemates, you should look for a house with enough amenities to keep every housemate happy. You don’t want to start your day fighting or arguing over silly things like who gets to use the bathroom first.


Here is the checklist again:

1. The capacity of the house

2. Pick the right housemates

3. Finding the perfect student house

4. Amenities in the house

Finally, make sure you get along well with the landlord as well. Even when you rent with the help of a real estate agent, landlords are always involved in the deal.

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