What is a Corporate Lawyer?

Corporate Lawyers are one of the City’s elites. They command extremely high salaries, and are welcome at every level of the business, as they make so many different business operations possible.

But what exactly is a corporate lawyer, and what do they do?

Someone seeking to become a corporate lawyer will choose to specialise in business law from the earliest possible point in their training. The most in demand corporate lawyers can demonstrate a strong record of academic achievement in the field and their successes are built on their deep understanding of the subject.

They help to raise money for businesses, administer merger and acquisitions processes, negotiate on their clients behalf to ensure good deals. Lower ranking corporate lawyers draft documents and conduct legal research to ensure their firms stay at the cutting edge, and always have a new advantage to bring to their clients.

A lot of the research that law firms do for City clients revolves around new financial regulation. A business turns to their corporate lawyer to explain new laws affecting the business, and the lawyer needs to be able to make them clear to someone without their highly trained legal background. They also need to be able to show the business how they need to change to be compliant with the new regulation, at the lowest cost to themselves – one of the main attractions of a corporate lawyer is that although you pay a large amount for their services, you save an even bigger sum by applying their expertise.

Having a respected lawyer attached to your firm can make raising funds easier. As well as using their training to advise on the process for soliciting for investment, whether from banks or from independent wealthy individuals and consortia, simply having such a figure associated with your business is a big mark of confidence. A good corporate lawyer is extremely well connected in the business world, so can also help by connecting you with people seeking to invest in a business like yours. While they have to be careful about how they make such connections, to avoid accusations of malpractice and unprofessionalism, a corporate lawyer’s network is not to be underestimated.

If you’re looking for a corporate lawyer, you can consult LawyerLocator to find law firms working in your area. If you are searching for a more prestigious firm, speaking to your peers and finding recommendations from them is likely the best tactic.

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