What are the Storage idea for small flats


With growing modernization and emergence of apartments, long gone are the days when people used to have grand houses with beautiful lawns and gardens. Most people in urban areas live in apartments which are compact and do not have much space to keep things. One has to use clever storage ideas to not make the house look even smaller than it actually is. Too many things can make the house look stuffed and also make the people feel suffocated so here are some storage ideas for small flats.

1. Have shelves along the perimeter of room’s wall

This is a great way to create extra space for things that are generally not required. One can keep such things on top of these shelves. These shelves do not take up much space and does not make the room smaller.

2. Have a hidden storage space below your bed

Most of the time the space below the bed is unused and waste. There are many sites that sell under bed storage furniture’s like drawers which helps us to store various things efficiently and make use of the space.

3. Headboards makes your bed look elegant and provides extra storage

Showpieces can elegantly be displayed on the headboards and some of the other small things can also be kept here.

4. Fold-down desk can be installed

Fold-down desks do not take up much space and is ideal for small homes. Every house needs tables but since they take up lots of space, one can go for these desks so that the left over space can be used wisely for other things.

5. Install hooks behind doors

Hooks can be installed behind doors where coats, bags and other things can be hung. It provides an easy access to things and is a good storage place.

6. Fix some floating shelves

Floating  shelves makes the room more beautiful and they make the perfect place for displaying showpieces and other small things. You can also create your floating book shelf!

7. Create lots of secret storage

Under the bed, sofa and anywhere you can! We all have unwanted things which we neither use nor can we throw them away. Therefore, hidden storages solves this problem and provides a lot space for keeping random things.

8. Add risers to lift your bed up

This would increase the space underneath the bed, thus giving you place to keep more things there.

9. Buy chairs with storage place

There are several chairs and tables available that have storage facility underneath. You can even create storage with the same if not buy one.

10. Install cupboards with sliding door or mirrors

This gives a classy feel and also adds more place to store your things. Along with creating the illusion of bigger room, it also makes the room feel airy and vibrant.

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I'm a former real estate broker who specialized in helping first time buyers be able to purchase a home. Now full time mom, part time real estate owner/investor.
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