What all to Look while Shifting in a New City?

New city

A new city? New dreams? New friends? Everything starts afresh while one shifts in the new city. This could evoke a lot of emotions. The shifting could be to an interesting place or to a totally never-heard kind of. So how does one makes sure that the stay in the new city for whatever the reasons may be, is a good one and not a nightmare? Well here is a list of all that you must look and know well before while you shift in the new city. Read on to know more:

  1. Firstly, be aware of the surroundings: When you move in a new city, the first thing that catches yours and another’s eye is the neighbourhood. Even the neighbours are inquisitive about how the new comer is and the way he/she behaves and there is a lot to be known. So just be aware of your actions when in a new city, don’t open up too easily and too much. In any case you aren’t aware of the past situations.
  2. Take notice: in a new city, do take notice of the timings of the water supply and billing procedure, electricity bills, the rules of the society you are living in, etc. so you will have to keep asking all the rules until you know it all.
  3. Know about the public transport: Before you end up buying your own vehicle, do check the frequency and feasibility of public transport. Try to download apps and it will aid while catching a bus or taxi while in the new place. It will help you know about the city in a better way.
  4. Be aware of the location: for you the location might be a new one but the people must be aware of the area in a quite normal, natural way. The point is to keep exploring while on a holiday so as to avoid wasting time in gathering advises and landing in the wrong company.
  5. Make cordial relations: whenever in doubt, a genuine neighbour could help you come out f the situation. So try to engage in the society’s meetups, gatherings if possible. This makes others feel your presence. Also don’t overdo it, keep it simple and cordial.
  6. Try not carrying too much cash with you: Even though you may try to make it seem normal but people can make out that you are a newcomer in the city. So anybody can attempt to be fool you. Just keep your senses on an alert mode. Try to shop and bargain with comparatively lesser amount of cash.
  7. Keep looking for better options: it is possible that in the first place the residing location of yours be the best place according to you. But later you might discover a more better place so it is better to keep seeking new areas to until you find to be the best, affordable and the most central location.  Ultimately whatever your source of income, you must save it to spend on more important things like food, clothing, accessories rather than on travelling, buying basic things here and there.

So unleash the excitement of the new city but with care. Unwind into the madness of the new place and keep learning.

Happy shifting!

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I'm a former real estate broker who specialized in helping first time buyers be able to purchase a home. Now full time mom, part time real estate owner/investor.
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