Types of Chandeliers to Buy for your New Home


Chandelier is one of most beautiful home décor items that can instantly add a class to the whole interior setup of your house. It can brighten up even the boring parts of your house and give it that style and edginess to it.  Chandelier is going to be a statement piece in your house and you need to be extra selective in choosing one. Since they come in different varieties and shapes here are the different types of chandelier you may want to have in your house until the next time you go for a home décor shopping.


This chandelier is of traditional style and it can have upto five arms or even more than that and most of them have bulbs in the shape of candlesticks that makes it look so elegant.

Candle with shades

As the name suggest, it is completely similar to the ‘candle’ one which is mentioned above. There is only one difference between the two is that in this type of chandelier each of the arms having a small shade.


This type of chandelier is in the caged shaped and lights are placed in the middle of it. Also there are a few styles which feature candle or crystal or shade type chandelier in the center.


As the name tells, this type of chandelier is made up of glass. It can come with arms or without arms. This is a classic statement pieces that you should have in your house.


These types of chandeliers give a modern look to your whole house. These are basically the faux antler chandeliers and come in a lot of variety.


This type of chandelier is one of its kinds. As the name suggest this chandelier is all about beads. Now there are a variety of chandeliers that you can find. It can be with glass beads, wood beads or even the shells.  Due to its unique kind of design, it simply looks beautiful.


This type of chandeliers due to its rounded shape looks like it a snare drum. These are usually made up of either metal or fabric and looks quite chic and edgy.


The shape of this chandelier is like a sputnik. And it gives a modern and stylish feel to the whole ambiance of your house.


This type of chandelier is built up in quite an elegant style. It is made up of the dangling crystal prisms. There are a variety of styles that are availed for it. You choose this type of chandelier depending upon you mood and liking be it a romantic or the contemporary style.


This type of chandelier is made up of ceramic or metal or glass bowls and is usually suspended with the support of a rod. And light is radiated first in the upward direction and then gently in the downward direction through the bowl.


Thus there are so many varieties of chandeliers out there. But all of these have one thing in common and that is the classic touch that it gives to the whole ambiance of your house.

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