Township or Individual Home – Make your Choice wisely before Buying a House


Housing is a dream for everybody and for many. People keep adding money to their account for building their own homes. But with the ever increasing population, finding a house of your choice and needs and with the apt money required is a difficult task. Then the amount varies from city to city, area to area so it really becomes a cumbersome task to choose. Also the fact that with newness in everything housing sector has taken a different turn. Today if you visit cities and developed regions of the world, they promote vertical housing growth rather than horizontal ones. This again hammers the choice levels of customers. They remain confused of choosing between the apartments and individual homes. So here is a comparison between township housing and owning an individual house. Read on:

  1. Know things right: before you get to choosing one, try to know about both of them without any assumptions. A township is a series of homes that come in variety of configurations. They may be a series of row houses or multiple high-rises or even a combination of both. While individual homes are the ones people used to built traditionally or buy a home already built. They could vary in size, styles and everything.
  2. Positives of each one of them: while the township has their sets of benefits while the individual homes have theirs. Few of the benefits of the township housing are:
  • Security: since there is availability of cameras, security guards all around, the houses in the townships do not require any extra security by the residing person.
  • Facilities: modern day townships boast so many facilities that one wont have to move out of the boundary except few serious and typical shops. There are a host of amenities like grocery shop, electricity and dedicated parking space.
  • Similarity of needs: since you meet people and be friends with people having similar needs like you, it could save your fuel otherwise needed to go out for some reason. Also it gets you great company.

Few of the positives of the individual housing pattern are:

  • You are the master: since it is your own space, you could enjoy changing patterns in your home, re-build certain portions. So you can change as per your need.
  • Ample water: since the water requirements are only for your family members, you could use as much you want. Also the amount that gets to your space by the municipality is ample and a luxury.
  • Zero Restrictions: it is your home, your colony so you could group, celebrate and exit as per you needs. There is no tension of the voice levels reaching to your next door neighbours.

So these were a few of the comparison points worth considering while deciding to choose between the two. There could be ample other ones too. Ultimately it should serve your purpose of living with your loved ones together and having great times. So the next time you are thinking to shift somewhere, try to be in a rental home whether at a township or individual home. After the trial period you could decide from the two options.

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I'm a former real estate broker who specialized in helping first time buyers be able to purchase a home. Now full time mom, part time real estate owner/investor.
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