The Cheapest Cities to Buy a House in USA (2020)

Thinking about buying your first home? Do not have the kind of budget that gets you one of the best homes in the nation?

To your surprise, it is possible to buy a house for as cheap as $6000 in a decent city. For those who are willing to spend a few more bucks in renovation and repair, there are plenty of good real estate investment opportunities coming up. This post is all about affordable homes in the United States.

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Here Are the Cheapest Cities to Buy a House in USA (2020)

1) Augusta City, Georgia

Augusta city in Georgia is popular for hosting The Master’s golf tournament each spring. A surprising fact about this city is that there are several homes available for sale under a price you won’t imagine. Although most of the cheap homes in Augusta are located in a remote area and need some renovation. Who could have thought you could buy a home for a mere $ 6-$ 8 k?

Cost of an average house: $6000

2) Detroit, Oregon

This is a city name after Detroit city in Michigan. Similar to the one in Kansas, this city too is underdeveloped and underpopulated. However, the real estate prices are cheaper than ever and this can be the best place to buy your first house. Only about 200 people are living in this city.

Cost of an average house: $ 29,900

3) Buffalo City, New York

Buffalo City, New York is the next on my list of cheapest places to buy a house in the USA. You will be surprised to learn that a nice meal in this city will cost you merely $ 15. Whereas you can buy a pint of imported beer for $ 5. The population of this city is 256,304 and area-wise, it is the second-largest city in New York.

Cost of an average house: $ 29,900

4) Detroit, Kansas

Detroit, Kansas is a city named after another city in Michigan. This is the cheapest place in the United States to purchase real estate property. The population is just over 100 people the city is located between Abilene and Chapman.

Cost of an average house: $ 29,999

5) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is another well-known city where you can buy a house at a price no one can believe. Some houses are being sold around $12,000-$16, 000. That too, in a decent neighborhood. Moreover, 

by buying a home in Philadelphia, you can lower your other expenses as well. A liter of milk costs less than a dollar, a loaf of bread for $1,89 and eggs (a dozen) for just $1.57. A perfect place for someone practicing the frugal lifestyle.

Cost of an average house: $12,500


I hope you get a good idea of real estate prices in the cheapest cities in the United States. The prices mentioned in this post are taken from a real estate app known as Zillow and another resource named Numbeo. Both help determine the estimated daily expenses in a new city.

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