The Best International Cities to Invest in Real Estate 2020

An increasing number of people are planning on to invest their hard-earned money in real estate properties located in developing countries like Qatar, Brazil, Russia, and India. The reason being, people have already experimented with investment options yielding slow and steady ROI in their own nation. In 2020, they are now looking for ways to double or triple their investment in no time. 

In a developed nation, the real estate market is already saturated. It is neither possible to buy real estate for cheap or sell it for a good price. Hence, the rising interest in the overseas real estate market.  

Here Are the Best International Cities to Invest in Real Estate 2020

1) Kyiv, Ukraine

According to a report by GlobalPropertyGuide, rental returns on buy-to-let property 9.09 percent per annum–which is considered to be excellent. This populated city is located in the north-central part of Ukraine. It is famous for the Dnieper River which runs through the city. After a decline in the prices of houses in 2019, the market is slowly picking up again. This might be the right time to invest your money in a real estate property in Kyiv.

2) Grand Cayman, Cayman Island

Cayman Island has a lot more to offer than scenic beaches and wildlife. Grand Cayman is the largest island in this country. The gross rental yield in Grand Cayman is 7.25 percent per annum–which is considered to be good enough to invest your money safely. On Grand Cayman island you more likely to find lavish villas and beachfront apartments. 

3) Cairo, Egypt

Some of the architecture in Cairo dates 26th century BC. Cairo is Egypt’s capital city ad run along the infamous Nile river. The gross rental yield in Cairo is 9.40 percent per annum. By investing your hard-earned money in real estate in Cairo, you are setting yourself up for financial independence in the future. No other city in Africa yields such a high return on investment in real estate.

4) San Salvador, El Salvador

San Salvador is the capital city of El Salvador–a South American nation sharing borders with Guatemala and Honduras. If your aim behind investing money here is purely financial and nothing else. Then it would be a great idea to buy land or an apartment in this city. San Salvador has the world’s highest murder rate. Also, tensions between citizens and the current government are rising. Despite such a tricky situation, the housing market continues to flourish.

5) Accra, Ghana

The city of Accra in Ghana has a gross rental yield of 8.81 percent. It is the capital city of Ghana. Due to the rising economy of the nation and heavy investments from people from developed nations, the housing market in Accra is thriving. Both locals and foreigners are looking for rental homes in Accra. Also, the presence of Kotoka International airport nearby ensures a high ROI after a few years. 


These are the top 5 cities on the planet where investing in real estate is a no brainer. No other city has a higher gross rental yield than the ones listed above. I know that some places like El Salvador and Egypt come as a surprise to a lot of people. But the above list is based on data provided by GlobalPropertyGuide, a trusted and verified source for real estate investors.

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