The 5 Biggest Problems With Gated Communities

Problems With Gated Communities

A gated community is nothing but a residential area with strictly controlled entrances. No pedestrian, animal, or vehicle can enter this community without passing through the checkpoint. Some gated communities are also protected by massive walls and fences made from barb wire. Such a community can exist anywhere from a small town to a large city. 

According to a report by ScienceDirect, most people across the globe are turning to gated communities to attain a sense of community, or prestige, or lifestyle, or security. Living in an independent house can alienate a family from people. Not only it endangers the lives and property of people but also cuts them off culturally. 

However, all is not perfect, there are some problems that you might face if you are thinking about moving to one. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

Here Are Some of the Problems With Gated Communities

1) Less Privacy 

Houses in a gated community are built right next to each other. Most people who stay in a gated community do not feel free or uninhibited. This is mostly due to creepy neighbors. Not all neighbors are going to be interested in your life but if you are unfortunate to stay across one who does, it can get really difficult to deal with them. Also, in a gated community, you are forced to comply with rules set by the majority.

2) Noise and Disturbance

This is something that people living in apartments and condominiums often companion about. If your neighbor suddenly begins to play loud music or has a party at his/her house, you have to bear with the noise and disturbance caused due to it. Also, unlike in an independent house, a gated community is always busy and bustling. You will hear footsteps, vehicle engine noise, etc all the time. 

3) High Prices

A study posted by NewsWise shows that gated communities are quite expensive than other housing options. Most people think that the amenities offered by them outweigh the high price but this is not the case. If you take into account the maintenance and repair costs of amenities like swimming pool, gym, jogging track, parking space, etc, you will notice that you are paying way more than estimated. 

4) Rules and Regulations

Not everyone likes to be told how to live their life. Rules and regulations help keep the crime rate low but ultimately they become a detriment for someone who wishes to live free. Some gated communities do not allow a resident inside the premises after midnight. So, you like to go out on the weekends with friends you will face issues with the management as they do not want you to come home late.

5) Getting in and out of the Community Can Be a Hassle

Problems With Gated Communities

Living in an independent home can seem a bit unsafe initially, but there are a lot of time and cost-saving benefits. You don’t have to wait in a line just to check in or check out. Also, you are your security guard so no one stops you and family for unexpected interrogations. In a gated community, you are required to inform the security guard every time a visitor is about to enter. 


These are the common issues faced by residents of a gated community. A gated community is only preferred if safety and security is an issue in the area you reside in. The controlled entrances and fences do protect you and your family from those with bad intentions.

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