Some Things to Consider Before you Make any Purchase at all

Pocket pinch

We are constantly buying something or the other. There is actually no end to the wants or needs we have. This is why we are always flipping through online sites for online shopping or making plans to go to the mall or the supermarket for that matter. However, have you ever thought that what makes a buyer a smart buyer? Maybe not yet! This is why you must read ahead to know about some of the most important things that you need to consider and think about each time you set foot to make a purchase. This checklist is actually universal and can be used to buy clothes online or even a new house.

  1. The pocket pinch: First of all, you need to see the pocket pinch. This means that you have to make a budget to get an estimate of the amount that actually have in hand to spend. It is not obvious that you will have the same kind of money all the time. This is why when you have this budget ready, you get to know the pocket pinch. Always remember that your purchase should be worth the price that you are paying, even if it is actually very cheap.
  2. Is it cheaper elsewhere? There are a lot on instance when you get one product at a particular price on one spot and the same product is cheaper elsewhere. In such a situation, it is the natural instinct of a lot of people to just opt for the cheaper one. But, this is where you are mistaken. You should actually ask that why is the same thing cheaper elsewhere. This is where you will get the necessary answer. There had to be a quality difference. For example, in case of a house, the location matters and this is why the same type of property may have a different price.
  3. What other alternatives do you have? Thirdly, you need to weigh all the other alternatives that you have. This means that if you have the option to buy something similar at a cheaper rate that you think will be able to justify your reason for the purchase, then there should be no reason for you at all to buy something that is expensive. You should always explore your options and then settle for what you think will meet your needs the best.
  4. Do you really need it or is it a want? Last but definitely not the least, you need to think and be honest to yourself if this purchase is actually a need or a want. No matter how rich you are, if you feel that this want is not important, then you should actually drop the plan of the purchase. Only then will you be called a smart buyer. However, this does not mean that you live a restricted life. You should have fun and make the most of the resources that you have.

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I'm a former real estate broker who specialized in helping first time buyers be able to purchase a home. Now full time mom, part time real estate owner/investor.
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