The Six Best Types Of Exterior Siding

When it comes to “curb appeal,” nothing creates a more lasting impression than the type of siding & exteriors that you choose to put on your home. Materials have come and gone – like aluminum siding, which is rarely used anymore. But there are a still a lot of different options. Depending on where you live and what your aesthetic preferences are, the right siding is out there for you. If budget is an issue, then you have to take that into account too. Just remember, if you choose based on budget alone, you might end up paying more by replacing it more frequently.

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Vinyl siding

The most common type of exterior siding that people use is vinyl siding. As a mixture of excellent pricing and a variety of colors, vinyl siding is highly durable and very low-maintenance. It is also a great material for every region of the US and Canada because it can withstand extreme temperatures and is pretty resistant to water damage.  It comes in many different grade-types, which means that you can choose options from thin to very thick. Again, if the price is an issue, then you need to weigh the durability and the risk of having to repair or replace it frequently against spending slightly more to get a better grade.

Fiber cement siding

A fairly new option, fiber cement siding is gaining widely in popularity for homeowners. The biggest manufacturer of fiber cement siding is “James Hardie,” which is why it is often referred to as “Hardie board.” But since it is becoming so common, many other companies have started to manufacture variations of it. The reason that it is a good choice is that it is a material that can withstand extreme temperatures, but has a similar appearance to traditional wooden siding. It is made from wood pulp, cement, and sand, which gives it that cool and natural-looking texture on the outside. It costs a little more than siding, but the advantages of strength and aesthetic appearances can be well worth the additional cost of installing it.

Engineered wood

For someone who wants the appearance of traditional wood siding without all the hassles and risks that can come with it, engineered wood might be an excellent alternative. It’s not a new option, but it is beginning to catch on as homebuilders see that it is less costly than wood, it doesn’t have the same maintenance costs, and it does look like real wood.  A durable siding, it also lasts longer and is environmentally friendly. Costing more than fiber cement siding, it looks like actual wood, which is why many people choose to pay just a little more for it.

Stucco siding

For those homeowners who are looking for the more European traditional look of old-world charm, stucco is a really cool exterior siding option. It’s not highly used, with reason: there are many downsides to stucco. Although it looks fantastic, it is not as durable as other siding options and often requires a lot of maintenance and repair. It is prone to having mold issues because it isn’t a material that “breathes” well, which means that moisture can get trapped if it is not set up correctly. It is about the same price as the other high-end options, but it isn’t a good fit for everyone. If you want the aesthetics and are willing to put up with the additional maintenance required, then it might be the right choice for you.

Wood siding

Wood siding has been around forever. It is a beautiful way to trim the exterior of your home. Although it’s not expensive in and of itself, it does require a whole lot of maintenance to keep it aesthetically appealing and to protect it. You can use just about any type of wood to vary the look you want. If you choose wood, just be prepared to paint and stain it seasonally, or you can run into rotting issues and other weather damage.

With so many options to choose from to side the exterior of your home, it is easy to get overwhelmed. When making the right choice for you, the main things to consider are price, maintenance required, and the curbside appeal you desire. If you take all of those things into consideration, the choice should be fairly clear.

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