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Moving into a new home with your semi in tow? Just like a new house needs accessories, your vehicle does too. Online shopping has made it easier to purchase items in modern times. However, this also come with many downsides. Mainly, consumers don’t get quality assurances when purchasing items online. This is where a shiny new trucking e-shop comes in.

The lowa 80 fashions itself as an exclusive online vendor for all things related to semis. The brand is not solely online, as it stems out of one of the biggest truck retail stores in the world. Here is a list of advantages you can enjoy when shopping at this particular store:

Purchase the Best Quality Items

Let’s say you want to purchase autosock for semi trucks. You can find plenty of online retailers for the product. However, there’s no guarantee that the parts you want come with quality assurance. In most cases, online auto parts are cheap knockoffs, often made in China with dubious marketing claims. At this exclusive trucking shop, buyers are assured of the best quality products.

Products are sold from the company’s physical retail outlets, so they go through a quality check offline. Parts are available based on the truck type and other factors. All in all, when you purchase a product, the quality would be just as good as purchasing it from a branded store.

Wide Range of Available Products

Because the e-store is dedicated to trucking products, you can browse a range of products related to the trucking industry. You will find everything from semi truck lights to compliance logs. The store has hood ornaments, electronics, bumpers, exhaust pipes, steering wheels, tool boxes, and a massive collection of interior and exterior products.

There are also a number of rare items in this store that you won’t find on e-retail conglomerates like Amazon. The company specializes in trucking products, so you can also request a product you may not see on the website.

Products are categorized based on truck types and models. It’s very easy to locate a semi part that matches various vehicles on the site.

Reputed Retail Brand You Can Rely On

One major advantage of the e-store is that it’s managed by a well-reputed trucking brand. The company was originally founded in the sixties as a truck stop. The original brand was built by Standard Oil, and the brand has expanded ever since.

Consumers can be assured that they are buying from a trucking brand with a lot of experience and ties in the industry. Buyers may even be able to take advantage of other services the company offers, such as a free mailed catalogue. You can subscribe to the catalogue online.

Excellent Customer Care

Do you have a question about a product? You can have all your questions answered directly online by filling out a contact form. The site doesn’t offer live chat yet. However, the e-store offers speedy replies within working days. All inquiries are answered by a professional customer service rep, and not a bot. Therefore, you can benefit from detailed and helpful answers that directly address the question.

If you are looking for trucking supplies as you move into a new home, consider this one-of-a-kind store. The benefits are immense compared to buying cheap semi parts from dubious vendors online.

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