6 Real Estate Meetups You Should Attend in Boston

Boston is known for its chic and old-fashioned condos and apartments. For years, the real estate market was in favor of buyers and tenants. But a report by Curbed Boston suggests that the tables have turned in 2019-20. The median value of a detached single-family in Boston was about $625,000. Quite higher than what it used to be a few years ago. 

Whether you are a seller, buyer or a real estate agent, there are plenty of opportunities coming up in 2020. This post is intended to help you find networking buddies in the Boston area so you can expand your knowledge of this subject. 

Here Are the 6 Real Estate Meetups You Should Attend in Boston

1) New England Real Estate Deal Maker Sessions

Are you a wholesale real estate investor in the city of New England? New England Real Estate Deal Maker’s is a group based in Randolph that comprises of wholesale real estate investors who wish to learn and make new deals in the city. Usually, they conduct meetups in venues like the Skybox 129.

2) Boston Real Estate Investment Club

Would you like to meet other real estate investors in Dedham? By joining The Boston Real Estate Investment Club you can meet like-minded people instantly. The whole idea is to meet and share as much information about the real estate market in Dedham and Boston in general. Join this meetup for free today!

3) Real Estate for Real Women

According to a report by the U.S. Census Bureau, single women have outpaced men in homeownership since 1986.  The goal of this group to bring together women homeowners in Boston and educate them on the real market scenario in the city. Even the women who work in the real estate industry can benefit from this group.

4) Boston Real Estate

For those interested in a more casual setting, the Boston Real Estate group organizes events in places like bars, cafes, and other easy-to-reach public places. The casual meetings include house parties, barbeque parties, and afternoon parties. If you are tired of finding the right deals on (multiple listing service) MLS, direct networking should be a good option for you. MLS is quite competitive and demanding.

5) How to Invest in Real Estate

“How to Invest in Real Estate” is a training company based in Boston. They are also merged with the Official Boston Real Estate Investors Association. Unlike other meetup events, this group conducts events in a seminar or workshop form. They will teach you how to invest your hard-earned money to make both long term and short term profits.

6) Demolish The Competition

Finally, a group for real estate agents that can teach how to internalize the principles that successful real estate agents follow. Once you join this group, you will notice how friendly and cordial the members are. The group even has a golden rule “no bashing – please be cool and keep discussions positive”.


These are the 6 real estate meetups I have to share in this post. All the above-mentioned events are free of cost. Well, some of the meetup organizers might charge a fee for personal consulting but that is quite fair. Or else, you free to walk into any event any time there is one.

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