Quirky Items to Revamp your Home

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With the frenzy, one often forgets the upkeep of the place one lives in. The house never quite feels like home, just a place to sleep. Here in comes the need to revamp your house and give it a homey feel so that you don’t feel like a guest in your own place. Imagine, decorate and just feel some adventure when it comes to your home. Make it more than just a B&B.

A little unconventional crockery like colourful coffee mugs, sipper cups, irregularly shaped plates, quirky little salt and pepper shakers, quoted coasters go a long way in improving one’s mood when eating or drinking. Moreover, they look cool! These items when paired with a mix n match dining table braving bean bags, conventional chairs, swing set or an outdoor eatery wooden bench will definitely take it up a notch.

Wall art is one of the most popular ways to decorate a house, be it in form of wallpaper, themed paints, children drawings or a picture gallery. These give the home a bit of colour and a look into the personality of the one living there. A scratch world map is also a good idea to be put up on a wall with the places that one has visited scratched off. The colours of walls can be paired with neon lights of different shapes of animals, birds, plants to give them a glow and at the same time complementing what’s behind.

Clocks are huge way to decorate your home. An interesting clock is sure to catch everyone’s eye. One can indulge in installing a frameless clock, a station clock, clocks with numbers in different forms ranging from Arabic numerals to roman to words or even a mathematical clock; whatever suits one’s personality. Even bedside alarm clocks can be kept that have a unique design and sound and can only be stopped once you push the button as compared the widely used mobile alarms now that can be snoozed off.

A kitchen herb vertical garden not only makes for a good atmosphere in home by purifying air but also gives one an opportunity to delve into gardening with the comfort of being indoors. Also, one can use these fresh herbs in cooking and give the food that extra savory flavor.

LED wire lights strewn here and there in the house paired with glass jars, picture galleries and curtains give the house a very posh look and some extra light making it appear bigger and emanating a lighter, fun atmosphere. Chandeliers are another sure shot ways to lighten and brighten the room and give an overall elegant feel to the whole set up.

Quirky figurines are another way to decorate your homes. A figurine amidst a book shelf sure gives a non-reader something to look at. When displayed on small side tables beside the sofa, they tend to brighten up the atmosphere.

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I'm a former real estate broker who specialized in helping first time buyers be able to purchase a home. Now full time mom, part time real estate owner/investor.
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