How to Make a Life Plan


Most of us living in this world would perish in a generation or two.  How do we create a mark of ourselves which can speak of our deeds even after us? Life plans consist of those notes which mark your thinking, your expectation from your life. If you want a life to fulfill all your wildest dreams, writing a plan is the first step to success. How do we write a life plan? Well this guide will help you in writing an ideal life plan. Here are the key points which must be kept in mind while writing a life plan:


You must know yourself in order to discover your vision, your life goals and what you want from life. A life plan basically consists of your aim, your goals, your aspirations and your desires.  How is it going to complete when you don’t know yourself? To write detailed plan of how you will achieve your vision, you must be aware of who you are! Ask yourself questions like “Do I have a sense of Purpose?” or “Who am I according to myself?”  These types of questions will determine you for what you truly want.


To reach somewhere you need to start. To start something you need to know where you want to reach. Your vision reflects what you are passionate about. This vision is the core element of your life plan. This vision decides where you want to see yourself five years from now, ten years from now and so one.

How you see things comprises your outlook. That half glass full or half glass empty example was designed to know people’s outlook. A good life plan will recognize that there will be obstacles along the way and lay out a plan to meet them with enthusiasm. Even with inevitable and unexpected situations such as death, you can be able to prepare and leave your beneficiaries with less hassle. You may draft a will or create a transfer on death deed depending on your preference.


By collaboration we meant your connections. Leaders are able to ‘connect’ with people around them that’s why they are leaders. Good connections are required to keep the flow of positivity among ourselves. With similar kind of people life would be boring and unidirectional. Interact with all sorts of personalities. Connect with them. Grasp their positives. These positives will help you to take your vision to next level. Life plans are totally based on a vision that’s why collaboration becomes an important factor.


Evaluate yourself. How will you know if you are on right track to fulfilling your vision? You need to stop sometimes and accomplish what have you done till now. Make sure you keep driving yourself towards your ultimate motive. Life plans not only consists of goals but also learning from failures. Utilize these experiences to write an ideal life plan.


If you keep these elements in mind while writing your life goals, you will be able to figure out everything clearly and properly. Be sure to take time to write a plan for your life. Only when it is written out, you will be on your own way to living the life, the way you dreamed it to be.

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I'm a former real estate broker who specialized in helping first time buyers be able to purchase a home. Now full time mom, part time real estate owner/investor.
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