How to Use Fabric Accessories to Perk up your Living Room?

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The living room of your home is that special part of your personal haven which is a true sense is a reflection of yourself. It is that area where you get to spend quality time with yourself and even with your family after a hectic day. Even the guests who visit those places get to spend the time in your living room in majority of times. So it becomes quite essential to maintain a positive aura in that place by upgrading it from time to time. By just making simple changes you will eventually find a massive difference in the ambiance of your whole house. Now when it comes to upgrading you don’t need to keep bringing new furniture’s or painting the walls with different colors time and again. They may end up costing a lot and would require a lot of hard work.

So a simple way to give a new touch to your living room would be to play around with some stylish fabric accessories that would not only bring out the liveliness in your living room but also give a class edgy touch to it!

Thus below are a few ideas to quirk up your living room which you should definitely try out!

Fabric potholders

For all those nature lovers who love to have indoor plants should definitely go ahead with this idea.  These are basically those pants which require very low maintenance and would still give a fresh touch your living room surrounding. You can either buy theses form markets or you can even bring out your inner creativity and DIY a beautiful fabric pot holder.  To make to look more chique you can coordinate them with the interior designs of your living space!

Colorful fancy rugs

Another easy yet an effective way to bring liveliness to your living room are to replace your old boring rugs with some new fancy colorful rugs. You may choose the color depending upon how well it coordinates with your sofa or curtain colors or you may go a little extra and add some pop of colors by choosing the bright options.  Also while choosing the quality of fabrics you can opt for jute, silk, cotton etc. these are considered the best in quality as they are more durable and do not fade easily.


One of the smartest ways to brighten up you living spaces to add some super edgy and decorative tapestries hanging on the walls. You can get the look of an accent wall by simply adding a nicely painted tapestry. To add a more ethnic edge you can go for tapestries which feature regional paintings or even those with boho style. This will instantly add an earthly look to your living area and bring out some newness to it!

Decorative mandala frames

These are a great alternative to tapestries if those are not your things. Theses are colorful decorative frames which will add ten times more beauty to the walls.  You can experiment with colors, designs and fabrics. They come in some gorgeous vibrant colors and will add a lot of divergence to your living room.

Thus by using these simple ideas you can bring a whole new change to your living room. These are cost effective, require no over the top efforts from your end and add a lot of quirk and edge to your place.

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