How to Choose a Good Tenant for Your Rental Property

Do you wish to rent out your home? Don’t quite know how to find a trustworthy tenant?

This post is for you if your answer to the above two questions is yes. Most inexperienced landlords find themselves in this predicament at least once or twice in their lifetime. The right way to rent out the property you own is something most people learn the hard way. You don’t have to waste 2-3 years learning how to pick a good tenant. There are some sure shot clues to tell if a stranger can a good tenant.

Here Are Some Traits and Clues to Help You Find a Trustworthy Tenant Quickly

1) They Are Not Looking to Cram Their Entire Family in a One-Bedroom Apartment

It is not unusual for a person to find themselves in financial trouble. In such a situation, most people begin downsizing almost every aspect of their life. Essentially, they begin with their home and then other expenses like food, clothing, lifestyle, education, etc. If your prospective tenant is looking to cram his/her entire family in your tiny apartment, it may not be a good idea to keep them as tenants.

2) They Appear Clean and Tidy

Personal hygiene is another clue that you can consider before keeping someone as a tenant. Is the prospective tenant wearing dirty and unironed clothes? Do they have body odor? How clean is their car? These are questions you should have answers to; before keeping someone as a tenant.

3) They Pay the Rent on Time

This is the most important factor to be considered before choosing a tenant for your rental property. To make sure the tenant pays the rent on time, you first need to check his/her credentials. Find out what the tenant does for a living. Is he/she capable of paying the rent and still enjoying a comfortable lifestyle? If not, then it is highly likely that the tenant will probably delay paying the rent.

4) They Do Not Have Criminal Records in the Past Five Years

Everyone makes mistakes. If your prospective tenant has had a criminal record in the past, before dismissing them as unfit to stay on your rental property, make sure they have demonstrated a clean record for the past five years or not. It is not unusual for a person to learn from their mistakes. So, despite having a criminal record, there is every possible chance that a tenant (with a clean record for the past 5 years) can be a decent one. 

5) They Are Rational Beings

It is normal for a tenant to come across problems like water leakage, power cut, cracks in the roof, or mold-growth on walls. Every tenant has to face these problems living in a rented home, and most handle them pretty well. All they have to do is inform the landlord about the issue and wait till it gets fixed. However, as a landlord, you will come across people who will create unnecessary drama. If you sense such a vibe from a tenant, do not hand them your home keys.


Renting out your house isn’t just about making more money. With a stranger living in your house, there could be several things that could go wrong. Hence, it is important to perform a quick background check before keeping someone as a tenant.

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