What I Got Out of Taking Trading Courses

Enrolling in trading courses was one of the best decisions of my life. I thought that I had online poker on lock down, making a cool $150 per day in profits, after spending years learning the ins and outs of Texas hold’em through my own school of hard knocks. That was a nice little chunk of change in my pocket of the Midwest. It paid for my rent, bills and plenty of entertainment on the side. But I wanted more.

So I checked out a fair share of trading sites on the Internet. Places that tried to sell me on the idea that was going to make crazy profits after just one week of day trading classes. I knew enough to know that I was being sold a bill of goods. But there was one site that had me intrigued: Warrior Trading. I came across Warrior Trading on Facebook one night after I found out that my girlfriend was pregnant and I knew I had to kick my money making into high gear.

They did not try to sugarcoat the difficulty of learning their strategies. They said flat out that it was going to take time and effort to take their online trading courses. And then they pushed the idea of testing out your skills in a simulated trading room before hitting the real market. After my moderate success at the world of online poker, I was a little put off by that bit of condescending advice. Boy, was I wrong!

I started the day trading courses with Warrior Trading after reading the ebook. Ross Cameron’s easygoing style and obvious grasp of the complexities of day trading made me a little less nervous. I ran through the coursework pretty fast, learning gap & go trading and other momentum day trading strategies as best I could before getting into paper trading. That is a term for simulated day trading at the speed of the real market.

As I said before, I was a little cocky and wanted to get out to make money right away. But I told myself I was going to give it a week. Not a couple months like they recommended. I was going to get myself to $200 in profits that first day.

I promptly lost more than $1,000 fake dollars on my first day of simulated tradings. Turns out, it is a lot harder to put the strategies into profitable practice than it is to ingest them from the day trading classes. I was humbled pretty quickly.

But I bounced back. I made it through a couple months of hardcore paper trading, inching my way up to $200 bucks a day in profits. Once I hit that goal, I jumped into the real market, tentatively at first, but then I gained enough confidence to start calling out my trades in the daily chat room.

That was just under two years ago. I am know averaging around $500 in daily profits and looking to build that number up even more. The money that I am making allowed me to buy a house for my girlfriend and young son. Never could have done that busting my butt on PokerStars.com.

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