First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit (Please take the Poll!)

The widely-popular, economy enhancing $8,000 Federal tax credit for first time buyers expired at midnight on April 30, 2010. It is my opinion, in order to help not only 1st time buyers, but carpenters, bricklayers, electricians, painters, roofers, landscapers, carpet layers – in other words, a large part of the economy – the President should bring back this very useful program.

What do you think? Please share your opinion…

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After you take the poll, please sign the petition at the White House. With grass-roots support, this very beneficial program can be brought back. Here is the link to sign the petition at the White House:

Petition to bring back the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit

About Jennifer Cribsly

I'm a former real estate broker who specialized in helping first time buyers be able to purchase a home. Now full time mom, part time real estate owner/investor.
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