Can you be Rejected Home Loan Because of your Credit Score?

Home loan

When it comes to buying a house, it can be one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make! Now while buying a house one must make sure that it makes the least financial impact on your future commitments related to finance. Now here home loans play a major role by helping you leverage the future income of yours.

Now getting a home loan is in itself a complicated process.  Since the loans can be extended for a period of twenty years, the lender makers sure that the borrower is able to pay for those loans after a specific period of time.  This is followed by a whole approval process which is pre-planned and quite structured. Now there are certain situations in which you home may get cancelled.  So to avoid this kind of a situation one needs to understand the basic requirements that the lender is looking for.  And one need to take a look at the objective vies of the conditions in which the loan might have been rejected.

Now can a loan be rejected due to bad credit score?

Well, there are a lot many reasons why a home loan may get rejected. Out of them all, one is the bad credit score. Also if you have a bad credit history, chances are the home loan can still get rejected.  A borrower with a bad credit history which may include things like loan settlement in the past which can be seen in the credit report. Thus your credit score plays a major role in your getting the home loan. A bad credit score will create a negative impression in front of the lender and will make them hesitant in lending the loans. So is this the end? If you have a bad credit score will you are never able to get a home loan? Or is t still possible to get home loan? The answer to this question is ‘yes’, you can still get a home loan.

How can a person with a bad credit score get a home loan?

Now this is a fact that until your credit score is bad you are not going to get a home loan… but there are ways in which you can still manage to get it if your start working on your credit score. So if you have a bad credit score, settle all your previous or the ongoing dues and thus upgrade your credit score.  Your score may not improve instantly but it eventually will in some time as you keep clearing your dues. This way you can avail the home loans. Also if you have a bad credit history, try settling for your payment dues with the help of your financier. Also make sure that you get a ‘no dues certificate’. Thus once your dues are settle you can always go for applying for a home loan with full confidence.


Thus even if you get rejected while applying for a home just by following a few simple measures you still get them.

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