A Step by Step Guide to Buying your First Home

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Buying and owning a house is very crucial part of our life. We consider us settled if we own house. Owning house is one of the basic needs of the time but getting a house to make it a home is one of the toughest things to do.

High prices of lands and houses have made this thing more difficult. Buying a house is not mere a shelter or home, it is an investment too.

Any wrong investment can leave you in huge financial crisis and in a pit of debt.

Be patient while scrounging for your first home. It’s not a matter of day or two to get into a perfect home, it takes time and lots of effort to own a house.

You have to take every step wisely to assure a better investment and to own a best home.

There are few steps that must be followed to shift from renting a house to owning a new one.

• Be very sure while planning to own a house, it’s not a cup of tea. You must think properly that whether you need house or you are capable of owning it. With owning house, you owe thousands of responsibilities and more over a huge financial expenditure. Prepare yourself and wait until it’s a right time to get into it.

• As soon as you are sure for your decision, hunt for loan, yes getting a proper loan can prove as a milestone in getting into our first home. Finding two or three money lenders will help you to get good options and better interest. A strong financial background is must before getting a home. Visit different banks, know the schemes related to home loans, consult various people. once you get the best, its time to get to the other step.

• Know your limit, you must know how much amount you can invest in your house. Set your budget according to your financial status and don’t cross the limit. Stretching your budget beyond its limit can leave you in a trouble. Moreover, you must have some extra funds to deal in crisis or for emergency time.

• Clear your previous debts, no pre-debt must be left before taking house. You must be sound financial to deal with any emergency. In such case, any unpaid debts can be proved menacing. Once you are sure with it, go ahead.

• Once you are done with loans and financial stuff, and you have a proper budget for your home, consult property dealers and trusted brokers.With them it will be easier to get a house. Stay in contact with them, visit to different housing options provided by them.

• You can use various online website to get your property and make your work ease. There are numerous of trusted sites that deals with property and housing. You can go through them and can find many options over there.

• Once you are done with selecting your ‘perfect house’, have a proper check of it. You must go through the house properly, know its past record, condition of house. Condition of house should not be neglected, it can cause further expenditure and maintenance. So, it is very crucial to have a keen look to the property, otherwise it can lead to repair to your newly owned house.

• Once finalises the house, very next step is to get proper documentation done. You must be ready with your own documents. With very small to important one, you must cover all part of documentation. Be careful with the property’s paper and have a proper look before signing any document related to the property.

• As soon as you complete your documentation and formalities, you can shift to your very own house. Your house, your first home.

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I'm a former real estate broker who specialized in helping first time buyers be able to purchase a home. Now full time mom, part time real estate owner/investor.
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