9 Ways To Save Money On Home Renovation

Houses in the cities or in towns begin to gradually wear out in different ways and in different time scales. Renovation is the solution that we turn to. Home renovation and modern décor is a costly and flourishing business nowadays and very influencing too. Here are some cost-cutting ways to renovate your home.

1. Even when advised, think about it twice, discuss with your roommates or family and decide if you need a complete remodeling to be done. If not necessary, stay put and insist on repairing just what is required. For example, replacing knobs and latches, grills and drawers, tiles in some parts of the floor, etc.

2. The materials chosen for insignificant parts should also be carefully chosen. They should be of good quality, but need not have over the top fanciness that is just beauty to eyes and a hole in our pockets. It depends on where that material is to be used.

3. Try DIY (Do It Yourself) methods to refurbish your home in great ways. You can paint the walls yourself. This can also become a fun family affair or bonding between roommates. You will be saving money on labour and materials.

4. Reuse materials imaginatively. You can use materials from some other furniture to another piece of furniture.

5. You can recycle materials and objects. You can sell and trade on eBay and other e-commerce websites. This way, you can get rid of what you don’t need and in exchange get something else that you have been looking for.

6. Perform a complete research on your options and consult a known architect or civil engineer to decide on what’s the effective and optimum solution for a problem. Something small scale and not extravagant is what will cut costs.

7. Visit yard sales to find miscellaneous items that will help you in the preparation of a better home. You can find cabinets, tools, tiles, mirrors and other materials at better prices than the ones in expensive lifestyle centers. These are a great bargain. You can also try to find unfinished stuff which is cheaper and easier to work on as you don’t have to start from scratch. Unfinished oak cabinets are popular in the west.

8. Try out clearance sales and online sales. Discounts can be huge in these sales. You can also find the best stuff out there then. Year-end sales have their own charm, don’t they?

9. Finish the prep work before you call in the handyman. Some basic work can be done yourself, thus, minimizing a lot of the labour charge and even some of the material charge. You can also talk to the contractor or handyman beforehand about the materials such that you can buy them yourself, thus, minimizing some of the raw material charge. The handyman will just have to focus then on the labour and technical details, automatically saving your money.

It’s spring in some places and time to clean and renovate. Try out these ways to give your lovely home a fitting makeover!

About Jennifer Cribsly

I'm a former real estate broker who specialized in helping first time buyers be able to purchase a home. Now full time mom, part time real estate owner/investor.
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