7 Things to Remember Before Buying a Car

Buy a car

Thinking of buying a car but confused with the formalities and how to plan your budget. We will give you a ride on remembering major points when you buy a car. Firstly, the process is simple but you have to place your moves correctly at the right time. A smart and well planned set up will only be profitable over an impulse buy. It is recommended to follow certain guidelines and do some researches on the car before you buy it. This article will provide you with the proper knowledge you need and they are listed below.

  1. Know what you are buying and research upon it

Take a paper and a pen and note down what you want in your car. Primarily, think how many seaters you are required. Choose if you need a Hatchback or Sedan or SUV. Detail out the features you want in your car like extra mileage, car space, convertible, etc.

Always check your budget can compare the best features you need.

It is recommended to check the details and best details online. Follow advertisements and special deals on occasions. It is likely that you may end up buying a car or miss out deals if you just go for a survey personally.

Also, keep in mind on how frequently your car will be used and how much maintenance is required.

  1. Budget

You know what you want. Salespersons are trained to push your budget higher and even get an alternative model. Now setting up the budget is the main part. The surging prices of fuel will always be a concern if you need a car for daily commuting. A car for the occasional purpose can have more raging features like 0-100kms in fewer seconds or more glamorous than budget. Also with a costly car comes high cost maintained.

Set a target price and move accordingly. Don’t let the salesperson get in your mind and plan a different budget including maintenance and repair costs.

  1. Financing your Budget

Now you need to know how to process your payment. You have two options, Cash or Financing. If you are liable to apply for a mortgage then use Credit Cards. Car Loans have low-interest rates, you can choose that as an option too. The man drawback in financing is too much paperwork and you end up paying more due to interests.

Cash can be a good option if you have your fixed deposits well planned. The dealer may offer special discounts or coupons if you are paying cash.

  1. Take a test drive

Tests drive is the most necessary part especially if you are especially buying a used car from a private dealer. Check if you are comfortable with the car, check if the car is promising enough to offer the features in the display. If you feel awkward at any point to feel free to walk out.

  1. Inspect the car and be doubly verified

If a brand new car is brought there is always a guarantee and a free servicing after a few months. In case you buy a used car, always inspect the car with a trustworthy mechanic. There can be miniature faults which you may miss out on a simple outlook.

  1. Stick to your decision

Always stick to your decision if you have the proper research and knowledge about what you are buying. The job of a salesman is to get into your mind and make you shed more money than you should. Confidence and patience is the key. Don’t be pressurized and you can walk away at your will.

  1. Perform a Carfax Report

This part is especially for used car buyers. Run a report about the history of the car. A check is there is any lawful or technical fault in the car. You can run the report yourself or dealerships can do it too for you.

Lastly, choose what keeps you comfortable. Buying a car for show-off is foolish, as it may become a nuisance as it ages. Research and stick to your budget, wait for exciting offers and grab your best deal. With our content provided above, it will be easier now. In the end, drive responsibly and maintain your asset.

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I'm a former real estate broker who specialized in helping first time buyers be able to purchase a home. Now full time mom, part time real estate owner/investor.
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