7 Furniture Stores that won’t Break your Bank

Furniture buying tips

There are numerous brands and stores around the world that offer high quality furniture at affordable prices and if you are looking to buy some furniture for your home or workplace at affordable prices then this article might be able to help you out.

  1. IKEA: One of the more famous stores for affordable furniture IKEA is the place to look for high quality furniture that are both affordable and vary in their design, in this Swedish home store you can just find buy the furniture or parts of the furniture which you can build yourself. You can either visit a store or visit their online store and place an order.
  2. Overstock: One of the popular online shops for furniture where they provide high quality, designer furniture at affordable prices, you can order online and they have free shipping for purchases over 50$ and they also have a return policy if you are not satisfied with the product. You can check their website at Overstock.com.
  3. RetroEurpoe: This online furniture shop established in 1975 is one of the largest European furniture store with a variety of furniture for home, office, bars and much more, they have expensive designer furniture to high quality but very affordable furniture as well and is for people who varying budget. The store reaches 45 different countries with international delivery as well. Their website is https://www.retroeurope.com/#.
  4. Lecong International Furniture Exhibition Centre: This is the largest furniture mall in Shunde or Furniture city located in China , it is seven stories high and holds numerous wholesalers and retailers for high quality but affordable furniture. This is one of the best places in the world where you can find good quality furniture for cheap.
  5. Foshan International Furniture Expo Mall: This furniture mall which opened in 2013 is the biggest mall in China with an area of 800000 square meter and holds over 3000 shops, you can find a retailer and import furniture since you can find high quality furniture at very cheap price.
  6. Target: This is a US based furniture store that offers unique and attractive furniture at affordable prices, they have a large variety of furniture from sofas, bookshelves, chairs etc which go on sale frequently. They also have an online store that delivers the furniture to your doorstep, their website is https://www.target.com/.
  7. Wayfair: Among the largest online international furniture shop Wayfair has an online selection of more than ten million products with varying price tags and then thousand suppliers, they have headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, Berlin, Germany and London in UK. You can find a selection of furniture for all your needs and have it delivered at home, you can contact them regarding any questions though their site at https://www.wayfair.com/index.php.

There are a lot of stores across the globe where you can buy furniture at affordable prices and the stores mentioned in this article are some of the best, if you are looking to start a furniture business then importing furniture from Chine like how most big companies do is the best idea.

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