5 Things That Potential Home Buyers Hate

So you have finally decided to sell off your house and make the profit that you were always expecting?

When it comes to selling real estate property, sellers are usually concerned about hiring a great realtor, getting a right deal, paperwork, and documentation. But they often fail to acknowledge the importance of minor things that factor in, particularly, in the initial stages of the selling process.

Here are the 5 things potential home buyers hate. Don’t let the home buyer get turned off due to one of the below-mentioned silly factors.

1. Complex Documentation Process

Sifting through papers filled with real estate jargon is the most annoying thing for a home buyer(with no financial background). Firstly, a home buyer is concerned about the build quality and locality of the house. They have no patience to go through all the papers themselves.

This is where hiring a reputed real estate agent comes in to play. Real estate agents are salespeople having sound knowledge of finance and accounting. Hire a real estate agent knows what he/she is doing.

2. Unexpected/Hidden Costs

When was the last time you picked up a product from the shopping rack only to find out that the cost printed on it is not tax-inclusive? Reluctantly you had to put it back on the rack, exactly where it belongs. No one likes being lured into buying something by using unethical tactics. It is your real estate agents job to make sure that the home buyer is well informed about the hidden fees and the risks involved in investing in a real estate.

3. Unhygienic Conditions

No one wants to deal with a person who prefers to live in his/her filth. Bad smells, garbage lying around, pets making a mess in the backyard, kids running around the house, etc are some of the things that turn off a home buyer. And when a home-buyer is turned off, they are more likely to get more skeptical and inspect your home meticulously. This only leads to you getting a bad deal for the house.

4. Poor Lighting

A poorly lit home makes a potential home buyer think that there is something wrong with the house. This can be a subconscious thing but lighting does affect the way people perceive a house. There is no reason to stay in a poorly lit home(assuming you are still the primary resident) unless you are trying to hide something.

If you are not the primary resident of the home and you don’t want to spend money on fixing the lighting issue, make sure you show the home during the daytime when there is broad daylight.

5. Pets


A home buyer does not want to get licked by your dog the moment they arrive inside. Some people are just not accustomed to pets and consider them as a threat. Unless you know for the fact that the potential home buyer is pet-friendly person, keep your dogs/cats away from the entrance. Lock them up in the basement for a couple of hours. Moreover, the smell of a pet can also be a bit overwhelming for someone who does not own pets.


People do not buy goods & services. They buy relations, stories & magic” – Seth Godin

Marketing genius, Seth Godin is spot on with the above quote. He believes people decide to buy a product or a service, only when they like and respect the seller. No matter how great your house is, the deal will only go through, if you and the home buyer connect on some level.

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