5 Things Every Tenant Hates About Landlords

Like everything else on the planet, there are good landlords and bad landlords. Some landlords understand the life situation of their tenants and as a result cut them slack when it comes to monthly payments, the flexibility of life, the practice of religion and culture, etc, whereas, there others who are stubborn and stingy. 

According to a stat by PewResearch, more people in the United States are renting a home than at any point in 50 years. The majority of them hate their landlords. The mainstream narrative about landlords is quite negative. This post is all about things a tenant hates about landlords.

Here Are the 5 Things Every Tenant Hates About Landlords

1) Most Landlords Shirk Responsibilities

Being a landlord, most people think they have a higher standing than their tenants. I am not generalizing here but if you ask any tenant they will agree to be treated in a derogatory way (at least once in their tenure). 

Landlords are supposed to take care of issues like a loud neighbor, ownerless pets hanging around the home, and homeless people staying in the vicinity of the home. People hate them because they avoid dealing with these issues.

2) Not Getting the Entire Deposit Back

Renting a home requires you to keep a massive sum of money with the landlord as a security deposit. It gives the landlord assurance that if something was to happen to their property, they can always charge you for the damages. Landlords make silly accusations and do not return the deposit at the end of the tenure. 

3) You Are Not Allowed to Make Changes to the Home 

I am not talking about renovations here. Landlords have a strict no home-improvement policy. Tenants do not feel like home until they make some basic changes like decoration, put up pictures on the wall, install wallpapers, drill holes in the wall, etc. Even after paying a hefty sum each month, a tenant has to compromise on comfort and convenience. 

4) Landlords Don’t Allow Pets

Most landlords do not allow pets like a dog, cat, or rabbit. It’s true that some dogs if let loose can hurt others in the neighborhood which in turn can lower the price of the property. But tenants wish to own pets; especially when they move in from another city. Pets keep them entertained and are also great companions in general.

5) They Do Not Take Care of  Repairs and Maintenance

Unless the house you are staying in is brand new, there is a high chance that you will face problems like leaky taps, wet walls, broken windows, insects, etc. Landlords are clever enough to do some patchwork just before renting out their homes. Two months in the tenant discovers a series of issues that need to be fixed. Most landlords do not even entertain requests for repairs and maintenance.


To avoid such landlords, it is imperative that you screen them beforehand. Ask questions and present them with several scenarios. The kind of responses they give will tell you a lot about their psyche.

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